Connecting With Schools & Organizations to Spread the Word About Pickleball, the Fastest-Growing Sport in America

Pam Koon



Having taught and coached a variety of sports in public school settings I now provide beginner and intermediate pickleball players help in mastering the skills necessary to “up their game.” I also encourage and support all age levels to play the fastest growing sport in America while explaining the health benefits of such a fun game.
Pickleball With Pam
Pickleball With Pam

Pickleball Coach in Thomaston, Georgia

After teaching Physical Education and coaching many different K-12 sports for 35 years I felt the need to do less administrative paperwork and have more fun. Developing my website and polishing my public speaking skills has allowed me to connect with school sports programs, various organizations and sports conferences to spread the word about Pickleball. Having finished in the top tier of many tournaments I hope to inspire people of all ages to engage in a truly fun sport that has social, mental, and physical benefits other sports do not offer.


"If you can join Pam for one of her pickleball invites, do it! She’s the best at playing, teaching, inspiring and coaching"

Lori E.

Pickleball With Pam

What I Do

I believe that Pickleball can be much more than a game. We can learn valuable life lessons from this sport and my goal is to help people learn those lessons through energetic, fun, dynamic presentations as well as through small-group lessons and clinics. You can book a presentation to learn these lessons by visiting the PICKLEBALL page for more details.
Pickleball With Pam
Pickleball With Pam